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A simpler log-selling experience

A simpler log-selling experience

As a log producer, you have a lot to think about beyond simply harvesting lumber. You also have to consider regulations, permits, and compliance involved with shipping overseas. Your time and timber are valuable. At Rolling Ridge Woods, our team has deeply established relationships in the export market, as well as a dedicated compliance team that takes care of all the details so that you can move logs quickly and confidently. We also buy a wide range of species and grades, so you’re able to sell truckload quantities to us.

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Providing high quality American hardwoods around the world

Providing high quality American hardwoods around the world

When you purchase logs from Rolling Ridge Woods, you have peace of mind knowing our wood has been USDA inspected, meaning you don’t need to worry about meeting international regulations. All of our logs are fumigated and are high quality American hardwoods sourced from proven origins. Our parent company, Yoder Lumber, is known for its fine hardwoods, and we work closely with them to provide you with the best grade and species available.

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Rolling Ridge works with the USDA to obtain Phytosanitary Certificates for all of our logs. We are certified by the USDA to preform inspections for Spongy Moth (formally known as Gypsy Moth) and Emerald Ash Borer to ensure the highest quality logs available.

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